Hi everyone! If you have read my About Me section you know that my road to recovery was not easy! I had an eating disorder for seven years and used food as a mechanism for trying to overcome depression. Did binging and purging work? Oh goodness, NO! It just created a downward spiral of more pain and a body that I was not happy to call my own.

So, what did I do? Well, I started exercising, eating consistently and sharing my struggles with others. My friends started encouraging me to use my journey to help others. I heard, you should write a book about it. Books, oh no way! That had no appeal to me what-so-ever. Then I couldn’t sleep one night and had this overwhelming feeling that I just needed to create a blog. It overpowered me so much that I burst out of bed and went downstairs to talk to my husband about it. He said, “Go for it.” After six months of incredibly hard work between myself, my brother and my brother’s friend Nate we launched BareRoot Kitchen. This blog chronicles my passion for healthy eating and is meant to inspire others to pay attention to food choices.

Allright, so the recipes section covers half of my passion, but it doesn’t address the other half, FITNESS. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am avid runner. I am ADDICTED. Totally ADDICTED. If I have a bad day, I go for a RUN. If I have a good day, I go for a RUN. Running fuels my soul and just makes me feel fantastic through and through.

Due to my love for fitness and healthy eating, I decided to became a BeachBody fitness and wellness coach. I am now running my own fitness challenges to inspire others to lose weight, eat better and feel their best. The BeachBody challenges are amazing and I have seen incredible transformations of friends and families using the home workouts/superfood shakes to tone up/lose weight. I am actually case in point. After having both Mason and Kaeden, I started doing a hybrid of running, BeachBody workouts and drinking Shakeology. I lost 6 pounds in a month both times. Whoop, whoop!

The challenges make me feel alive. Plus, when I post salads, main meals and smoothies from these groups my blog statistics sky rocket and tons of people send me private messages saying, “Jess, this recipe was delicious or guess what, you inspired me to run a marathon this spring.” Hip, Hip Hooray. It is a feeling of overwhelming joy when I know that I touched the life of someone in a good way!

Now, I can see that every hour I spend is benefiting someone somewhere even though I cannot always see it. I know the clean eating challenges do that for me. I will forever be grateful to those who introduced me to BeachBody and for my friends/family who continue to do challenges with me.

So, I encourage others to be the healthiest you, you can be! If healthy eating and exercise challenges can help me overcome doubt for my blog, depression, postpartum depression and infertility problems IT CAN HELP YOU TOO. If this resonates and you want help in your journey feel free to reach out to me to join an upcoming challenge in 2016 :)

Also check out my fitness page on Facebook, called Revitalized4Life. You should also check out my Boston Marathon story below (I ran it 22 weeks pregnant).